Thursday, May 13, 2010


The alternative creates a separate legislative inspector general. That person, who is yet to be named, would only investigate a complaint against an alderman if the city's board of ethics, which is appointed by the mayor, gives it the green light. Despite several aldermen who have gone to prison for corruption, the board of ethics has never taken action against an alderman before. Many members of city council call the new ordinance a sham.

So we have a board of ethics that we pay for that does nothing. Now they want to add an inspector general that we pay for who does nothing and reports to the do-nothing board of ethics. Are they kidding? Nobody believes they have any intention of becoming ethical. Hey alderthieves! Quit wasting our money with your charade. Just continue stealing and hoping the feds don't catch you. That wastes enough money already.

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  1. Fire 40 Alderman, 10 who will work FULL TIME (40 HOURS a WEEK) is enough for our city.

    The rest are not needed!