Friday, May 21, 2010


  • Almost five years after the Daley administration fired Frank Coconate from the Water Management Department for allegedly loafing and lying about it, the unrelenting mayoral critic is again sticking his shaved head into the city’s plumbing system and wearing a yellow safety vest. Except the name written on the back of the vest is not Mayor Richard M. Daley, but rather Alderman Scott Waguespack (32nd Ward), who pays Mr. Coconate about $100 a week from campaign funds for part-time help as an “infrastructure consultant.”
  • Mr. Waguespack is among the more vocal mayoral foes on the City Council, and he said this week that he did not fear angering Mr. Daley by giving a job to one of the most notorious political naysayers in a town of yes men. “I can’t believe the mayor had such a vendetta that he fired him,” the alderman said, describing Mr. Coconate, 52, as a good employee.
  • Mr. Waguespack said he engages in these acts of vigilante city service to help constituents whose complaints have not been addressed by the cash-strapped city administration. The alderman, who was first elected in 2007 when he defeated a Daley ally, declined to address rumors he is mulling a run for mayor next year.
  • Mr. Coconate is happy to again egg on a potential challenger to Mr. Daley. “He’s a very vengeful person,” Mr. Coconate said of the mayor. “I might not be a threat to him, but he wanted to send a message to anybody who thought of questioning his management style.”
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It's good to know a credible candidate is thinking about running against Daley. I hope Mr. Coconate can talk him into it. I would vote for any challenger just to see Daley booted out of office.

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