Saturday, May 15, 2010


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Since Jody Weis has become superintendent the murder rate in Chicago has gone up. The murder rate in the rest of the country has gone down. Weis was paid $300k per year to take the job. He has been a miserable failure. His contract is up soon. That would seem like a good thing. We could get a new superintendent to do the job right. The only problem is Mayor Daley is hinting that he will renew Jody's contract. My personal opinion is that the mayor knows the police despise Weis and Daley is petty enough to renew the contract just to piss them off. There has been alot of bad blood there and it's only getting worse. What does that say about Daley? You might find it hard to believe that he would jeopardize public safety in order to settle a score with the police. Then you don't know Daley. We are on our way to becoming the murder capitol of the world.

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