Monday, May 24, 2010


What kills me about this case is how stupid the city attorneys and leaders were. They new the test was discriminatory. They knew they could not win that case in court. Instead they tried to crawl out from under the lawsuit using a technicality. The lawyers for the plaintiffs offered to settle. All the city had to do was start hiring African American applicants from the original list. Lower the cut off to the pass/fail mark and the lawsuit goes away. It would not have cost the city anything. Now they will be hiring some black firefighters from the list and giving the rest back pay! They will have to pay 40 million dollars to all the black applicants who were never called. These moronic city attorneys and leaders should not be allowed to run a kindergarten class, much less a major U.S. city.


  1. Please use spellcheck. Nothing ruins the credibility of an author more than spelling errors.