Monday, May 17, 2010


  • Chicago's first-round flame-out in the 2016 Olympic sweepstakes was still a boon to 13 six-figure executives -- with one compensation package worth $483,713-a-year plus a housing allowance and monthly cleaning service.
  • A federal tax filing released Monday shows that Chicago 2016 spent $5.9 million on salaries and benefits in 2009, including $28-a-month health club subsidies for roughly 100 employees.
  • The so-called Form 990 shows Chicago 2016 spent $34.5 million in 2009. That includes $3.45 million for travel, $6.6 million on advertising and promotion and $3.3 million on fund-raising events.
  • Although Chicago was knocked out in the first-round of International Olympic Committee (IOC) voting and attracted just 18 first-round votes, the bid committee spent $736,025 on "relations with international sports federations and the IOC."
  • On Oct. 2, thousands of volunteers jammed Daley Center Plaza for what they thought would be a celebration. Instead, Chicago suffered a knockout so stunning it took the city's collective breath away. The 2016 Games would be held in Rio de Janeiro, the sentimental favorite all along because the Olympics have never been held in South America.
Well, now we know. It's just like we thought. They wasted tens of millions of dollars on the bid. We were being threatened with layoffs if we didn't accept pay cuts. These executives were making hundreds of thousands of dollars to fly around the country and the world eating at the best restaurants, staying in the best hotels and kissing IOC members asses. They received free health club memberships and free cleaning services. Where are they now? Who knows? They took the money and ran. Meantime we're still dealing with our pay cuts and there are rumors of more give backs to come. I was hoping Daley would be defeated in the next election and have to retire. Now I'm hoping he gets defeated by someone with a score to settle who gives up the evidence that sends him to jail for life.
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