Wednesday, May 12, 2010


SPRINGFIELD --The state's budget meltdown did not prevent the wives of two Democratic lawmakers from landing six-figure state paychecks thanks to Gov. Quinn and the Illinois Senate.
The spouse of Rep. Michael Zalewski (D-Chicago) nearly doubled her state salary when Quinn named her to a $117,043-a-year spot on the Illinois Pollution Control Board.
The governor also appointed the wife of state Sen. Jeff Schoenberg (D-Evanston) to another term as chairwoman of the Illinois Educational Labor Relations Board, a position that will pay her $104,358 annually.

Same old story. Quinn comes up with a plan to help solve the pension crisis. It involves workers paying more and getting less. The crisis was caused by the State of Illinois not paying their fair share. So what is he doing with this budget? He's not funding the pension again. He and the other thieves in Sprigfield won't be satisfied until they can take all the pension money for themselves. But he has plenty of money to hand out big jobs to his friends and their wives. These are bullshit positions. They sit on boards nobody has ever heard of and collect hundreds of thousands of dollars. If they got rid of all these bureucratic, worthless, do-nothing jobs; we wouldn't have a budget crisis. None of these horseshit politicians are worth a damn.


  1. But she just needed work, and was recommended by her husband, who would question that?

    Maybe the Taxpayers should Question Gov. Quinn?

  2. That's 2 to 3 line-level employees per appointment that Quinn could have hired... you know... the people that do the actualy do the work around this state...

    Keep voting democRAT people.