Thursday, May 13, 2010


May 12, 2010 (WLS) -- Nowhere is the increasing armed violence on Chicago streets worse than in a neighborhood known as "The Wild 100s."
The neighborhood is named for those three-digit streets on the far South Side, about 17 miles from downtown. The area is part of the Roseland neighborhood.

This is what our police force has to deal with on a nightly basis. Gangbangers drinking, drugging and shooting. At least this Ceasefire group is trying to do something to stop it. We need all the help we can get. They were recently the subject of a NY Times story. Click here for article.

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  1. Wow, must be Sweeps week!

    "The Wild 100's"

    The ABC 7 I-Team & Chuck Goudie are so full of themselves. Maybe they should go out there every night for a month undercover and witness the Real Story!

    Everybody already knows about the crime scenes on the west and south sides except the news media who fail to report it EVERY NIGHT.

    Roseland has a shooting almost every night Chuck!

    Where have you been?

    I give credit to Ceasefire, but who is funding it?

    Who buys all those Orange t-shirts and jackets and pays for the handbill printing? Who? Who is getting a paycheck for this work? We know they are ALL not volunteers!

    Nobody will answer that question!