Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Anonymous said...
Would someone please explain to me the logic behind the decisions made by our watch manager on 3rd watch. Who gets time due, who is allowed to switch days off, why is no one allowed to check book and see how many people are ahead of you, why are only some people's personal days accepted over comp time while others are given time over personal days, why are only a select few who are buddy buddy with her allowed to do all of the above and the rest have to follow whatever rule she feels like enforcing today? Basically I would like her to stick to one set of rules for everyone and not bend it for her friends. Clarence has to be aware of her shennanigans. How long is he going to let her run wild before she takes him down like R. S.?


  1. Don't know her or why she operates that way but from experience I can tell you it's ingredients for disaster, and she's only going to hurt herself in the end. She'll get no respect from anyone eventually.

    Favoritism creates dissent (obviously from your post), and unhappy employees are created. She's trying to take care of her friends but she's really dividing her workforce. Productivity will suffer and the responsibility should fall on her.

    Everyone who has a problem with her management practices needs to file a complaint. If you take matters into your own hands and silently protest by slowing down, taking longer breaks or calling off, you will only hurt yourself.

  2. Nothing she does makes any sense. You are just noticing this now? They made a mistake by promoting her to supervisor but really screwed the pooch making her watch manager. I guess the next stop for her is obviously C.T.'s spot.