Tuesday, June 22, 2010


  • OEMC could be privatized with an out-sourced company!
  • The idea is being kicked around to eliminate costly OEMC positions and bring in a private company (like the parking meters) to run all communications for less money$
Is this possible?


  1. They kick this topic around every couple years since they moved the dispatchers from 11th & State. Why do you think they keep hiring fools and creating new hoops for the dispatchers and calltakers to jump through. Out of every class there is always a few who are absolutely not cut out for the job and quite clearly in over their head. In this day and age of skyrocketing unemployment we should be getting an overload of qualified and competent individuals, but that is not the case. For every good or above average dispatcher there is an equal amount (probably higher) of completely uncompetent useless dispatchers. Management doesn't do anything about it, even though they know who the problem children are. Training doesn't do anything to address the problem. It is quite obvious that the OEMC is a sinking ship and the only logical conclusion anyone can draw is that's the way lil dickey wants it. Privitace 911 then brag about the net savings. Then when the contract for the private company expires watch and see the astronomical pricetag that gets attached wiping out any savings the city got earlier. All smoke and mirrors.

  2. O.T. Just a quick question. It seems more and more that we can hardly hear the dispatcher on the zone, which makes us turn up the radios, which is crazy loud when someone else is transmitting, so it is a battle of turning the radio up and down the entire tour. Several people inform the dispatcher that we can hardly hear them, but it continues to go on and on and on. This is not just an annoyance, but also a safety issue. The dispatcher may be calling out a 10-1, or man with a gun, or any other 1A job, but if we can't hear what they are saying, I think you understand. I realize the most obvious answer is to keep the radio turned up, however like I said in such a confined space as the squad car it is extremely loud. I am not trying to cause any animosity, but just trying to find out if it is a problem the dispatcher can fix on thier end, or if it is the actual shitty equipment that we have throughout the department? Thanks. Very nice blog by the way...

  3. Which zone are we talking about?

  4. From SCC Friday 25 June 2010;

    OEMC is also in the Frying Pan, Wake Up Dispatchers!

    Privatize Your Problems Away
    We're sure he's just shifting the hiring to connected firms, rather than keeping it "in-house:"

    Mayor Daley revived his failed plan today to outsource city hiring to cut costs and restore public confidence shaken by the hiring scandal that culminated in the conviction of his former patronage chief.

    The latest example of Daley's privatization frenzy will start with a request-for-proposals from firms interested in recruiting and hiring tradespeople in five city departments: Streets and Sanitation, Transportation, Water Management, Aviation and General Services.

    If it works to have an outside personnel firm recruit and hire carpenters, electricians, laborers and plumbers, City Hall will move to outsource all other hiring, the mayor said.

    This includes public safety hiring? We heard that retired Superintendent Hillard's company is all set to do background investigations and such for police hires.

    Aldercreature Joe Moore has the best quote in the article though:

    Ald. Joe Moore (49th) said he's “not a big fan of privatization,” especially after the parking meter fiasco.

    But he said: “Because the mayor has thoroughly failed to manage hiring in a legal fashion, he has no choice. He just received another scathing review by the inspector general on contracts. The monitor has continued to find fault with the mayor on his hiring. It's clear he's just not capable of managing certain aspects of the city.”

    That's going to leave a mark.


  5. I would prefer not to say. I know how things can get out of control when talking on a blog, and that is not what I am trying to do. Thanks.

  6. Low volume from the dispatchers is probably a technical problem. If I know what zone it is I can ask the guys on the technical floor to look at it. No one should be offended.

  7. Also you should ask the dispatcher on the air to report the problem to her supervisor. That way a ticket will be opened and someone will look into it. Again it could be a technical problem so no one should be offended. If it's not reported it won't get fixed.