Wednesday, June 16, 2010


  • Under fire to deliver suburban-style curbside recycling to all Chicagoans, the Daley administration is exploring the possibility of privatizing the service, City Hall sources said Tuesday.
  • Several aldermen, who asked to remain anonymous, said they've been told Streets and Sanitation Commissioner Tom Byrne is working on a plan to privatize recycling to shave as much as $40 million off the $60 million annual cost.
Daley continues his union busting privatization scheme. He used to need city workers to knock on doors. Today he prefers contractors to kick back money. They can legally donate to his campaign. He also strong-arms them to donate to his pet projects like Millennium Park. Some people may think it's better to let private companies do it for less money. Be careful. This scheme could be coming to job near you. Like your job. Contract employees don't get union wages. That makes the work less valuable. Meaning union jobs start to pay less. More money for the contractors. Less money for the workers. Unless you own the company you are on the short end of these deals. Also the contract employees do not have to live in the city. This means they don't have to pay the taxes. City employees will have to make up the difference. It's less money for the pensions. You can forget about them anyway. They're not being funded and schemes like this diminish them further. We'll be lucky to get the equivalent of Social Security. That's exactly what the politicians and business owners want. More for them. Less for us. City residents will be supportive of these schemes. But they are wrong to be. If this trend continues there will be no good middle class jobs left. If you go to college and do well, you will be OK. If not, the only jobs left will be low paying non-union positions. The contractors and business elite will be filthy rich and the workers will struggle. Not a good scenario if you plan to raise a family in this city. Your kids will have a bleak future without an excellent college education. With the continuation of privatization, few will be able to afford it. The rich get richer, and the rest fight for the crumbs.


  1. The aldermen fight to keep Walmart out over $11.00 an hour jobs. Then they turn around and let Daley eliminate $30.00 an hour jobs. What a bunch of f***heads.

  2. OEMC could be privatized with an out-sourced company!

    The idea is being kicked around to eliminate costly OEMC positions and bring in a private company (like the parking meters) to run all communications for less money$