Friday, April 2, 2010


O'Hare OC dispatchers and call takers are being forced to work 16 hour shifts. Is it too much? We know it's hard to function with that much sleep deprivation. Decision making is degraded. One mistake that leads to someone getting hurt and the city will be paying out more millions in settlements. And the dispatcher will have to take the fall. Could it happen here?


  1. Yes I think that is definitely too much. Even in centers that have 12 hour shifts I have seen the effects of adding even just one more 12 hour day to their rotation. You are right, the dispatchers usually always take the fall. With being required to work 16 hour shifts, how would the lunch and break times work out? Would you get more breaks? Longer lunch, and what would you eat? Would people bring those dispatchers food ? I know those things may sound petty to some; but as a dispatcher I know how it can be when you are sleep deprived. When you say forced, was it in writing? Or was it forced because people are afraid to say no for fear of retalliation? I wish there were more stern laws to protect employees. It's like when children are bullied, there are very few resources and by the time people find out-it's too late in some cases. Please keep us posted on this issue!

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    Just Me

  2. The unions are not what they used to be. We need to get back some of the power from the ruling class. Don't see it happening anytime soon though.