Saturday, April 17, 2010


IGO Case # 08-0574

An IGO investigation revealed that an Office of Emergency Management (OEMC) employee,
Employee A, knew or should have known that an OEMC filing to the Federal Communications
Commission (FCC) by a supervisor was false. The false filing was made to obtain new radio
During its investigation, the IGO discovered that a firm OEMC hired as a consultant for FCC
issues did not have a contract with the City. Instead OEMC paid the firm by routing payments
through unrelated contracts with other vendors who did have City contracts, effectively serving
as pass-throughs, and charging the City an additional premium for doing so, all in clear violation
of the City’s procurement policies and procedures. The investigation found that Employee B
failed to ensure that the contractual payments OEMC made to the firm were appropriate. In
addition, the firm failed to fully cooperate with the IGO’s investigation.
The IGO recommended that: (i) Employee A be suspended for 30 days, (ii) Employee B be
suspended for 14 days, (iii) the firm be permanently debarred, and (iv) the pass-through contract
vendors be required to return their mark-up premiums to the City.
OEMC’s responses to the IGO’s recommendations are pending.

  Wow. You would think people would learn after what happened to JA. I guess we will know
who it is when the suspensions get handed down.


  1. Chances are these people were hired during JA's reign. That kind of shit does not happen overnight. Looks like Club Fed for JA! Couldn't happen to a nicer guy!

  2. no way was JA the cause --- look for hire ups in OEMC. Everyone knows the TOP knew what was going on and ordered JA to make the moves