Sunday, April 11, 2010


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  1. Those numbers quoted (down 24 homicides) were before the recent crime wave in the last two weeks with 41 shootings in a two day period alone. Expect the real numbers to be way up from what the city reported.

    The city likes to throw out numbers that are friendly to what they want to report (police 13,500 officers was reported for over three years, actual number closer to 10,500).

    How many dispatchers and call takers are we missing?

    And WHY?

    The city still collects how much money from each phone line per month for 911 service (use to be $1.00/$1.50, now maybe $2.95?)?

    And that increase was suppose to be for enhanced 911 service! Where is the enhancement?

    Big Screen T.V.'s for the Supervisors to watch?

    Thousands of dollars over the last persons salary to appoint new directors?

    Police Supt. Weis getting paid ($310,000.00 a year) to manage OEMC and never worked there a day in his short career?

    That's a huge amount of money! And no paid overtime for call takers or dispatchers?

    Where is all that money?

    It certaintly is not going to hire new employees, or maintain the failing equipment we have.

    There is a Boatload of Cash hidden somewhere from that 911 money!

    Mr. Mayor?, Media?, Alderpersons?, can anyone explain this or ask the hard questions?

    Oh i'm sorry, silly me, this is Chicago and we are not suppose to question the King!