Monday, October 18, 2010


Porn, short days, kickbacks in inspector general's report
By FRAN SPIELMAN City Hall Reporter
City of Chicago Inspector General Joe Ferguson had a full plate again in the past few months, and those investigations — outlined in a report Monday — were among the reasons why.

One of the most troubling irregularities Ferguson uncovered: contract irregularities at the city’s Office of Emergency Management and Communications that pose a “significant risk to the city’s emergency preparedness.” OEMC was accused of improperly routing a $23 million sole-source contract to a company — identified by City Hall sources as Schaumburg-based Motorola — when the deal should have been competitively bid.
To justify the no-bid contract, OEMC officials cited an earlier, $2 million deal with Motorola for similar technology. In fact, the earlier expenditure was $350,000. And that, too, was spent “without any contract or procurement process whatsoever,” Ferguson wrote.
“As a result, the city is now committed to a digital radio system that has never been the subject of any competitive procurement process,” Ferguson wrote.
The inspector general noted that his investigation was “ultimately frustrated” by the “debilitating combination” of “high turnover, endemic finger-pointing, poor or non-existent internal controls and missing paperwork.”
“OEMC’s long-running failure to effectively manage the procurement and contract process presents a significant risk to the city’s emergency preparedness, fiscal security and grant compliance,” the report states.
“The IGO is not suggesting that the city’s current emergency preparedness is substandard. We did not evaluate that. We merely note that bypasses of competitive bidding and purchase and contract protocols increases the risk of substandard outcomes in his critical realm.”

Wow. Who the hell keeps this scheme going? JA was involved the first time. Would AR and his crowd be dumb enough to do it too? Or was it someone else? With all the turnover and new faces on the tech floor it's hard to guess. I'm sure the whole management team is on their way out via the new mayor anyway. Looks like some of them will be gone sooner rather than later. What an embarrassment. We must have the most incompetent management personnel of any major emergency department in the country. They hold us up as the gold standard when the tours are shuffling through. It's all lies. We are no doubt on the edge of complete failure. Why were the zones forced over to the citywides last week? How long before we have a major meltdown? I just hope they hold the right people responsible.


  1. Which one of Daley's relatives works at Motorola?

  2. This goes back to the R. Huberman management team! Ronny says he was not aware of the contract specifications ot how the contract bidding was to take place? He said it was all just a big mistake, no harm done?

    It seems Mr. Huberman makes BIG Mistakes in every Department he works in!