Sunday, October 3, 2010


 Loop Buildings Evacuated in Emergency Simulation

Complete with realistic looking head wounds and burns, officials and volunteers conducted the first evacuation drill from the city's central business district in four years.
"The purpose of this exercise is to enhance the public and private sector relationships in order to coordinate and strengthen response capabilities," explained OEMC's Executive Director, Jose A. Santiago.
The drill was put together by Chicago's Office of Emergency Management and Communications and included roughly 500 volunteers from AON and Blue Cross/Blue Shield.

It must have gone pretty well. If there were problems the news media would have been all over it. As it was I had trouble finding a story about it. I guess that's a good thing.

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  1. And where were all those new radios and communications equipment that we were suppose to get after 911?

    You know, the radios that let the police and fire talk to each other (along with other agencies)?

    The ones that were suppose to be bought with the money the feds gave us (and somebody blew the dough on something else)?

    We still do not have an adequate emergency back-up system. (like another oemc built underground far away from the central business district that could survive a direct hit from a blast).

    Why do our public officials believe that a YELLOW no parking line in front of the building will stop anyone from leaving a vehicle full of explosives right at our doorstep?

    Why is the roll call room on a different floor from the consoles, wasting time for the next shift to make their reliefs?

    When the mayors office changes hands, expect a slew of new boss's at oemc (clout counts).