Sunday, August 15, 2010


CBS reported a story from Chicago about surveillance cameras and privacy issues. My view is that cameras are a good idea as long as you don't use them to replace the real police. You can't expect much privacy in public these days anyway. With the pervasive use of video and cell phone cameras you might be recorded at any given time. They are used to record the police all the time. We might as well use them against criminals when we can.

The story features Commander Lewin who is moving the public safety unit to the OEMC. His people are occupying much of the second floor. Seems the city is finally moving to restructure the technical floor after the failure of JA and his minions.


  1. Use them to record criminals?! That's crazy talk!

    You see, ambulance chasing lawyers can't get any money if their "clients" are caught on camera... very damaging to the suit against the officer and city. Not to mention the fact that the public might actually see what kind of animals they really are.

    But record the police, now we're talking! Evidence like that makes instant settlements, sometimes reaching in the millions.


  2. Cameras do not catch and arrest criminals, they can only monitor your beating and demise!

    George Orwell