Saturday, August 28, 2010


Napolitano vows fire service support at FRI
The Department of Homeland Security leader praised first responders, saying homeland security begins with hometown security
By Jamie Thompson
FireRescue1 Senior Editor

CHICAGO — Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano pledged continued support to the fire service during a keynote speech at the opening of Fire-Rescue International on Thursday.

"Even in the context of very tight budget times at the federal level, we will do everything in our power to support you, firefighters and emergency first responders who are working globally to keep us safe," she told the audience in Chicago.
Napolitano went on to explain how homeland security begins with hometown security, praising the people "on the frontlines who dedicate themselves to keeping our communities safe every day.
She told the audience the federal government has worked to ensure the fire service is adequately funded despite the ongoing financial crisis.
"Through homeland security grants and the Recovery Act, we are helping local fire departments protect the jobs of veteran firefighters, rebuilding fire stations across the country, and providing first responders with the tools they need to do their jobs," she said.
Napolitano went on to say changes will be made to grant programs, which, she claimed, would increase funding and flexibility as a means to build upon the "culture of preparedness."
Before her keynote address, Mayor Richard Daley asked the audience for a moment of silence to remember fallen Chicago firefighter Christopher Wheatley, who died earlier this month after falling from a ladder at the scene of a restaurant fire.
Following the opening ceremonies at the conference, Napolitano joined Mayor Daley to tour the Chicago Office of Emergency Management and Communications and met with public and private sector stakeholders, law enforcement officials and first responders.

The center looked good for the dog and pony show. New paint, clean floors, even the display case got its' lighting fixed. Of course they only show off what they want the visitors to see. It's all bullshit. Next time she should just send a check if she really wants to help out. Of course that would only get stolen anyway. She could have at least brought some steaks for the cookout.

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  1. Thankfully I was off that day. The display case was off for a long time because part of the light track looked like it caught on fire at some point.