Wednesday, December 14, 2011


CHICAGO, Illinois — The City of Chicago has agreed on its 2012 budget, which contains layoffs to 911 Operators.

Cuts have been made to the front line of defense in Chicago. 911 Operators answer and dispatch equipment to any Police, Fire and EMS emergency and these cuts will effect the normal daily functions for emergency responses. Manpower shortages will lead to longer wait times for someone to answer an emergency call, which may lead to increased response times. Without these trained personnel available to answer the phones, the citizens of Chicago should be prepared for severe changes in the 911 experience.

The Supervisors, Dispatchers and Call Takers take their jobs seriously and are greatly concerned about these cuts. In a statement, organizers of the protest said: "We do our job with pride and professionalism and fear that these cuts will make it that Emergency Services in Chicago will be inadequate, therefore endangering the health and wellbeing of the Citizens and their property."

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About Occupy OEMC

This group is comprised of 911 Operators and Citizens that are concerned about the dangerous situations these cuts to the Operations floor can mean to Chicago


  1. It may be too late to save the jobs of the hard working dispatchers, call takers and other workers of the OEMC. But if we can draw attention to it, then at least the public will know who to blame when they call and no one answers.

  2. I agree that this is a real shame, when we are trying to trim the fat on a city's budget, is it wise to start with getting rid of people we rely on for emergencies?