Saturday, April 16, 2011



  1. This is a bullshit story. I didn't hear one improper response from the call takers. The city has decided to blame the OEMC for the mess that city hall created. Who's going to retrain the pea brains that left the drive open? Why didn't they have a plan in place to get those people out of there? They left the citizens outside in a blizzard. There were no attempts to rescue them. Daley didn't even have the courage to face the media and the citizens after it was over. If we had competent leadership in this city we would not have to answer 700 calls from stranded motorists. Where were all the plans from Emergency Management? Those people have been working down here for ten years. What are they doing? That entire department should be disciplined. That was the first emergency they've had to deal with and the best they can do is to leave the people out in the cold? The call takers and dispatchers should be commended for being the only city employees who did a good job that day.

  2. Dear sc911, you are right on the mark!

    This is typical of the city, blame the workers for the supervisors mistakes and screwups.

    They knew two days beforehand that terrible weather was coming and that schools would probably be closed, and they should have also known from previous winters (43 to be exact from 1967) that the drive would be the hardest hit.

    Yet no one had the (balls) to just shut it down and divert traffic to the other plowed mains as they always tell us that they must be kept clean and tow away all our cars every year!

    It makes me sick to have to live and work for this city, nobody cares or ever did.


  3. The fact that management did not feel it important to keep call-takers updated in any reasonable manner on what was actually happening on Lake Shore Drive reveals a huge hole in emergency response. I found it shocking. I am still horrified that for the most part the only information we had to provide to the citizens who were looking for assistance and direction (leaving out whether or not they caused their own problem by stupidly going onto LSD, that's immaterial, our mission requires OEMC aid to all citizens in distress) was "you need to do what you feel is best for your health and safety". Really? Really? That is the story--that the city is so scared of saying the wrong thing that the OEMC did not fulfill its responsibility toward the citizens and failed them that night.