Wednesday, July 21, 2010


  • Can you imagine Chicago without a Mayor Daley in charge? It could happen sooner than you think. It may be time for the mayor to move on, and not run for re-election.
  • The heat is not all that's hot in Chicago. There is anger burning the police department over the murder of another cop, and fear and tension sizzling the streets.
  • And in response to that weekend public opinion poll showing Mayor Daley's popularity under 50 percent, the wards and precincts are on fire with speculation.
  • Every politician in town -- aldermen, congressmen, assemblymen, committeemen, you name him or her -- all of them trying to find out if the mayor's planning to run for re-election.
  • The only way to know if he is or isn't, is to know one of three people: the mayor himself, his wife Maggie or his brother Bill, who is the only person in politics who is in on every move the mayor makes.
  • Bill's been saying in public that he doesn't know what his brother's planning to do. In private, he's been saying the mayor intends not to run again - because he wants more time to spend with Maggie, and the job isn't fun anymore.
  • Not enough money in the budget, and too much hostility in the press.
  • Bill Daley saying that Rich Daley is thinking 'no' is a big shift in the gusty winds of Chicago politics, and a big story to begin to tell.
Could it be true? Could he step down? Who would step up? This could get interesting. I don't really trust Walter's information. But you never know.


  1. Will he run again?

    God I hope not.

  2. He probably will have his son Patrick return as a Reform Mayor!

    Ha-Ha, no vote for him!

  3. His Exit could not be soon enough for all city taxpayers!

    We don't care about the workers who just visit for the day and go home every night to their comfy homes, we are about the people that have to stay here every night and fear for our family's safety!

    Joe & Joan, the Taxpayers!