Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Why can't we attain full staffing? People are desperate for jobs. The newspapers have been reporting the problem for years. Where's the upside in keeping us understaffed? I've linked the latest article under city news.


  1. There, just a few days later, your question was answered, somewhat, by the local news!

    OEMC employees are being totally burned out. A very dear friend (OEMC) was put in that very same situation just a few months ago. He would be asked to work 4 hours extra several times a month and was physically exhausted after just 8. He worked it a few times and would have to take a Taxi home, due to the early morning, 2 am dismissal. A few times he refused to work and was written up and disciplined. He got a Doctors Note and was told by a Watch Manager that it was un-acceptable, and he would have to work it or retire, so he retired. You all probably know who he is so I will not mention his name or initials. Administration would rather lose you than let you have two days off! (or work just 8 hours).

    Nobody there gives a rat's as* about you or your life or working conditions. That is one of the main reasons that it is so very hard to get people to stay and work there, plus the fact that Mr. Magoo Mayor wants to cut hiring of all city departments.
    The Old Do More With Less thinking, but the puzzle is starting to fall apart from massive shortfalls in hiring (Police, Fire & OEMC among other depts).

    Sorry for the Rant, but the Truth Hurts!

    O'Hare OC dispatchers and call takers are being forced to work 16 hour shifts. Is it too much? We know it's hard to function with that much sleep deprivation. Decision making is degraded. One mistake that leads to someone getting hurt and the city will be paying out more millions in settlements. And the dispatcher will have to take the fall. Could it happen here?
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  2. SCC has a similar post. Sorry to see experienced people leaving. It's really a disaster. Somethings gotta give soon.